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I consider myself to be primarily a stage performer.

It is where I had my grounding, and where I have had some of my most enjoyable and rewarding experiences.

LIke many other actors of my generation, I began in Rep. as an ASM - did my Forty Weeks and got my full Equity Card.

Subsequently I appeared in many Reps as an actor, and subsequently perfomed in the West End, on National Tours, abroad, in Fringe, Music Hall and Cabaret. Quite a variety of experience - and (for the most part!) always enjoyable and rewarding. You can't beat a live audience!

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Spending so much time as a Theatre performer has meant that my TV apperances have been less frequent.

Once again, I have very much enjoyed my experiences - quite different from the Theatre, but just as rewarding in a different way.

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One of my favourite mediums to work in. You can be anybody your voice allows you to. Age and physicality is not an issue. A gentle and rather civilized way of working - if rather hectic at times! I am a great Radio fan both as a listener and performer.

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I have been performing in Music Hall and Variety for almost as long as I have been acting.

I began, as did so many other actors, at Aline Waites' celebrated Aba Daba Music Hall at The Pindar Of Wakefield (now The Water Rat) in Grays Inn Road.

It is there I first performed a number with which I have since become inextricably associated - The Galloping Major! With the help of several sturdy riding crops, I have been striking terror into audiences' hearts with it ever since!

Aline Waites also gave me my first chance to perform as Chairman. I was fortunate to have as role models some great Chairmen of that time, among them Peter Spraggon, Geoffrey Robinson and Robin Hunter.

Since those early days I have become an established Chairman in my own right, performing at the Players Theatre, and for such well-known companies as Ian Liston's Hiss & Boo, Vincent Hayes' Brick Lane and Deirdre Dee's Song and Supper Music Halls.

I have been in the Chair for such Variety stars as Roy Hudd, Ben Warriss, Danny La Rue, Russ Conway, Edmund Hockridge, and Barbara Windsor in major theatres all over the UK, as well as producing my own Music Halls in Britain and the USA.

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What can I say? Commercials are Commercials - usually pretty frenzied to make, but occasionally a jolly experience!
And often rewarding in a somewhat different way ...

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